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WSB3 - 3 Filter Residential UV Water System (with cover)

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Popular multi bathroom system designed for installation outdoors

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Download our WSB3 data sheet here

The B3 is our most popular system. It is perfect for a typical dwelling with a family of 5, that uses harvested rainwater. Its 5 micron pleated paper cartridge firstly filters out organic debri that is washed off the roof into the tank. Its second cartridge is a 1 micron melt blown which takes out the finer particles (mud) so that they do not contaminate the carbon. The third cartridge is carbon which is made of coconut (not wood charcoal) that provides superior absorption due to both increased surface area and to less channelling. This carbon will remove odors and improve taste, which can occur periodially (say in the heat of summer) for even well collected and stored rainwater.

With its 3 filters the B3 is perfectly designed to provide 'crystal clear bacteria free' drinking water to your whole house.

In summary the B3 is designed for typical untreated water sources that contain a normal level of leaf material/silt/mud.

How it Works

  • Rated 100 Lpm for your 'whole of house' - 2 bathrooms / 5+ occupants 
  • 3 stage filtration with food grade cartridges 5 micron pleated paper (floating organic material); 1 micron melt blown (finer silts/mud) and Carbon (taste/odor; pesticides)
  • 80 watt UV lamp to sterilize the reproductive organs of ALL FORMS of 'living nasties' (bacteria & viruses)
  • Can be mounted outside as the power supply has its own IP 55 waterproof enclosure and the system itself is covered with a white aluminium waterproof cover. 


Manufactured by us in New Zealand using the highest quality components. Annual servicing is inexpensive with lamps and cartridge readily available online from us.


Simple as 1 2 3

  1. Bolt to horizontal rails on posts 
  2. Connect the inlet /outlet 
  3. Plug in 


  • Corner reinforced and riveted white aluminium Weatherproof ACM (alloy composite material) security cover. 
  • Front mounted components on durable all weather non rot non fade 15mm PVS backing board - for easy dismantling. 
  • Cup end double welded internally polished chamber, with a sensor port for the option of adding a light sensor if required. 
  • Superior raised finned chamber bracket system - better heat dissipation and ease of gauge removal. 
  • Gel filled Digital ‘365 day countdown' ballast, factory mounted inside an IP rated box - to protect against moisture / RCM licensed. RCBO & Surge protection.
  • UVC 80 watt lamp output exceeds 30mJ/cm
  • Filter housings each with a glycerine filled pressure gauge that indicates the state or your pump and cartridges 
  • Cartridges: 3 x 10" Jumbo Filters; 5m pleated paper (debris); 1m Meltblown (silts/mud); Coconut Carbon (taste/odor, sprays) 
  • 1" Piping Unions: rubber washer sealing (no thread tape) for ' inlet to filter' 'filter to UV chamber' 'Uv chamber to outlet ball valve – reduces leaks. 
  • HiFlo Piping: SS pipe fittings; 1.0" BSP valves & Union connections (F); 
  • AutoShut Option: Actuated 1.0” Ball Valve, controlled by ballast auxiliary; Normally Open; Closes on lamp fault. 
  • Light Sensor Option. Monitors UV output. Shipping & Installation Carton: 1.1 x 0.6 x0.3 (0.2 m3); 24kg 

Shipping & Installation

  • Dimensions: 35kg; 1040x530x230; Allow 900mm on left side to remove lamp when servicing 
  • Mount facing south, and if possible out of direct midday sun 
  • Eye level for top of system makes for easier servicing 
  • Secure to horizontal rails if mounting to posts (4 x M8 concrete bolts) 
  • Backing Board has 8 predrilled holes 
  • Run inlet and outlet pipes horizontally then up to the ball valves (to allow flexibility for ease of connection and disconnection if required) 


  • Check cartridge periodically to determine typical interval for plugging. If this period is less than 6 months investigate water source for preventable contamination or fit pre-filtration such as a RainCatcher. 
  • When ballast alarms, replace UV lamp & remove and clean quartz sleeve, replace seals (digital display reads A3 - lamp life of 365 days USAGE has been fully used up. Note do not reuse the lamp eventhough it will be still glowing, as its output will continue to drop and be lower than needed for the systems rated flowrate. 

Should you get sick

  1. Check your cartridges to make sure that no water is bypassing with debris that allows 'shadowing'
  2. Remove & check the sleeve for clarity; clean or replace
  3. Replace the lamp or get a more powerful lamp
  4. Reduce your peak water consumption

Water Quality

Designed to meet or exceed the NZ Drinking Water Standard that requires that water passed through the system must fall within the following parameters:

  • Iron: < 0.3 ppm (0.3mg/L) 
  • Hardness* : < 7 gpg (120 mg/L) 
  • Turbidity: < 1NTU 
  • Manganese: < 0.05 ppm (0.05 mg/L) 
  • Tannins: < 0.1 ppm (0.3 mg/L) 
  • UV Transmittance: > 75% (call factory for recommendations on applications where UVT < 75%)

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