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WSR1PS - 1 Filter Septic discharge UV System (30 Lpm)

WSR1PS - 1 Filter Septic discharge UV System (30 Lpm)

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WSR1PS - 1 Filter Septic discharge UV System (30 Lpm) is available to buy in increments of 1

Use with Advanced Secondary Treatment Systems that have inbuilt Pump Delay

Download the WSR1PS datasheet here

The WSR1PS is designed to reduce bacterial counts in treated waste water before the water is discharged onto a disposal field.

  • Requires Advanced Secondary Teated effluent that contains BOD/TSS concentration significantly lower than the 30 requirement
  • Designed to be located out in the weather
  • De-rated from 80 Lpm to 30 LPM based on proven testing in Rotorua with treated septic water sources & filtration
  • System treatment by a 50 micron pleated cartridge & 80 watt UV lamp

Can be mounted outside by the septic tank treatment system, as the power supply has its own IP 55 waterproof enclosure and the system itself is covered with a white aluminium waterproof cover.

Manufactured using the highest quality components. • Standard with 50 Micron Pleated Cartridge. Jumbo 10" filter housing with glycerine filled pressure gauge. Annual servicing is inexpensive with lamps and cartridge available online from us.


This System DOES NOT HAVE A TIMER so should only be fitted into an Advance Secondary Treatment System that has its own evacuation pump delay programmed into its PLC.

Simple as 1 2 3


  1. Bolt the 2 x SS brackets to a solid structure
  2. Hang the System on the brackets
  3. Connect the inlet /outlet and plug in


  • All weather full ACM Cover
  • Cup end double welded internally polished chamber, with a sensor port for the option of adding a light sensor if required. 
  • Superior raised finned chamber bracket system - better heat dissipation and ease of gauge removal. 
  • Gel filled Digital ‘365 day countdown' ballast, factory mounted inside an IP rated box - to protect against moisture / RCM licensed. RCBO & Surge protection.
  • 1" Piping Unions: rubber washer sealing (no thread tape) for ' inlet to filter'  'filter to UV chamber' 'UV chamber to outlet ball valve – reduces leaks.
  • Corner reinforced and riveted white aluminium Weatherproof ACM (alloy composite material) security cover
  • Front mounted components - for easy dismantling. 
  • Filtration: Single 10" Jumbo Filter; Cartridge: 50m pleated (adequate pre-filtration by the waste water treatment system is essential) 
  • Piping: SS pipe fittings; 1.0" BSP valves & Union connections (F); 
  • Mounting: SS Frame;


  • AutoShut Option: Actuated 1.0” Ball Valve, controlled by ballast auxiliary; Normally Open; Closes on lamp fault. 


Shipping & Installation

  • Carton: 1.1 x 0.6 x0.3 (0.2 m3); 24kg
  • Dimensions: 1040 x 530
  • Allow 900mm on left side to remove lamp when servicing
  • Mount facing south, and if possible out of direct midday sun
  • Eye level for top of system makes for easier servicing
  • Secure 2 x SS hanging brackets (supplied) to a solid structure
  • Hang the system on the brackets
  • Run inlet and outlet pipes horizontally then up to the ball valves (to allow flexibility for ease of connection and disconnection if required)


  • Check cartridge periodically to determine typical interval for plugging. If this period is less than 3 months investigate adequacy of the pre-filtration by the treatment system.
  • Clean the quartz sleeve regularly - interval based on site conditions - otherwise a 'mud' covered sleeve will prevent the UV light passing through.
  • When ballast alarms, replace UV lamp & remove and clean quartz sleeve, replace seals (digital display reads A3 - lamp life of 365 days USAGE has been fully used up. As system is only ON when pump is operating, the lamp will last many years. Note that while the lamp will be still glowing when the ballast alarms its output will have reduced below that needed for the rated flowrate. 
  • Waste water passed through the unit will be laden with ‘living nasties’ that need to be reduced sufficiently to meet local authority requirements, before safe discharge into a ‘field or stream’. Should tests show contamination levels higher than acceptable levels, then the following can be tried: 1. Clean quartz sleeve 2. Replace lamp 3. Reduce discharge pump flow rate 4. Increase filtration to reduce ‘shadowing’

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