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WSR4 - 4 Filter 80 Lpm Residential UV Water System

WSR4 - 4 Filter 80 Lpm Residential UV Water System

NZ$6,670.00 NZ$5,800.00
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For twin bathroom residences

Download Datasheet here 

The WSR4 is designed for

  • untreated water sources
  • typically used in residences with 5 occupants
  • untreated water cartridge filtration at 85 Lpm
  • chlorinated water cartridge filtration at 75 Lpm
  • UV dosage 60mJ/cm@ 95% UV Transmission @ 85 Lpm



  • 10" Jumbo filter cartridges
  • Untreated water cartridges: Pleated/Pleated/Melt Blown/Carbon
  • Chlorinated water cartridges: Melt Blown/Carbon/Carbon/Melt Blown
  • All filter heads fitted with glycerine filled gauges to indicate 'plugging'


Hang on its 2 x SS brackets, connect the inlet /outlet & plug in simplicity

Can be mounted outside provided the System is fitted with an All Weather Cover and ambient temperatures do not drop to freezing level

Major features include:

Water Flow

  • ALL stainless steel Jumbo 10" Filter heads & housings NSF Tested for structural integrity
  • ALL water passages sized for flow rates well in excess of UV sterilisation capability
  • SS 1.0" Unions & tube fittings for full flow
  • 1.0" inlet / outlet 
  • 10" Jumbo filter housings
  • All joins sealed with orings or rubber gaskets (thread tape/sealants not used) no more pesky leaks                                                                                                      
  • Pressure gauges on each filter head (oring sealed for ease of replacement if required)
  • Chamber 1/2" port (for fitting a UV sensor)


Heat Dissipation


  • All stainless steel frame
  • Extended length chamber
  • Superior 'raised fin' chamber bracket system
  • Unrestricted air flow around UV chamber


  • 1 x 100 watt UV lamps
  • 1 x 100 watt UV Power Supply Assemblies
  • Ballast is gel filled to prevent moisture ingress
  • Digital 365 day countdown to ensure lamps are replaced on time
  • Ballast carries the RCM license
  • 220v supply via RCBO (trips before house RCD in case of local short)
  • 220v Surge Protector (to absorb repetitive fluctuations that otherwise shorten the life of ballast components)
  • All components housed in an IP55 rated vented box for complete moisture protection
All weather cover available as an option

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