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WSI-T5S - Silicon Seals for Quartz Sleeve

WSI-T5S - Silicon Seals for Quartz Sleeve

NZ$9.20 NZ$8.00
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WSI-T5S - Silicon Seals for Quartz Sleeve is available to buy in increments of 1
Seal kit (qty 2) - Superior to other shapes / nitrile Orings

2 x Silicon Wedge Seals

Fits both 23mm and 28mm Quartz Sleeves used in UV Chambers.

Replace annually or when replacing the lamp/cleaning the sleeve.

Use in conjunction with Nylon Spacer Rings (prevents the chamber nut twisting the seal).

Seals harden and crack with long term exposure to heat from the lamp.

Characteristics: silicon is soft, and in combination with the wedge shape produces an incredibly effective seal without having to use a spanner to tighten the chamber end cap. Silcon is vastly superior to Nitrile Orings that require considerable pressure to prevent leaks. Orings are also prone to slip off sleeves that have a 'bulbous end'. 

Removal: As the SS bites into these seals, and as the seal bond to the sleeve, it is often necessary to slice the seals using a thin sharp 'Stanely' blade.

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