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WSUVK80 - Pool UV Kit; 80 watt

WSUVK80 - Pool UV Kit; 80 watt

NZ$1,495.00 NZ$1,300.00
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WSUVK80 - Pool UV Kit; 80 watt is available to buy in increments of 1
For residential pools up to 60,000 liters

 Download Datasheet here 

The WSUVK80 is ideal for typically sized residential pools up to 60,000 liters. This UV Chamber Kit comes complete with 100 watt digital gel filled ballast enclosed in waterproof IP box with surge protector and RCBO trip switch, lamp and quartz sleeve, ready to fix to a beam or wall that is weather protected. UV is the way to go, for reduction of chemical use. Customers report up to 80% reduction with correct use.

Service Requirements:

  • Service when the Ballast digital display is A3 (after 365 days use)
  • Clean Quartz Sleeve (WSI-930-T5Q)
  • Replace back up nylon rings if damaged (WSI-T5B)
  • Refit Sleeve with new silicon seals (WSI-T5S)
  • Refit End Caps - lubricate threads
  • Fit new UV Lamp (WSI-80-846-T5L)
  • Check for leaks
  • Attach Lamp Lead and switch on
  • If Ballast is faulty replace with WSI-PS-EC365

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