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Refurbished system installed today watched by a couple of families looking at systems do defeat the same issues we bought ours for. Hopefully you’ll get some new business. Your craftsman who did the end caps on the UV chamber deserves a pat on the back, please pass that on - as an engineer, a very nice bit of work. From both of us , thank you.

Charles & Linda Lott
2020-07-24 19:00:00

Stewart service was excellent during the installation of UV filter for our rain water tank. Great service, highly recommend. Thanks Stewart!

Jazz Robert
2020-10-09 08:00:00

We had our UV system fitted today and could not be happier. Stuart gave me all the help I needed when selecting the unit and supplied all the answers to my questions with no problems. Our plumbers commented on how well the System was made and it was fitted in 4 hours and that included building the framework and plumbing in and removing our old filter. I can not recommend Stuart and the UV System enough.

Jayne Simmons
2020-11-05 08:00:00

great system and great back up service. Highly recommend this company and product.

2020-12-01 08:00:00

I called up and had a chat to Stewart, when I was looking at replacing my existing water filter (the old one is shown to left of the new unit), he was extremely helpful/knowledgeable, and advised that I should drop into their showroom to get a better look/feel for their product.

Ricky Faesen Kloet
2020-11-18 08:00:00

I installed a UV water filter system at the Beach House. I found Stewart to be very keen to help and give advice. I was pretty impressed with the construction of the system, beautifully made! It was easy to install and I have been recommending it to others. I assume it works at killing any bugs and taking the yucks out? Haven't got sick and the water tastes better anyway.

Jonathan Black
2020-12-29 08:00:00