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We recently purchased a 4 filter whole house water system and also an under bench filter. We noticed the cover on the whole house system was damaged and believe it happened during shipping. Also our plumber could not find one of the O-rings off one of the filters when he was installing our system. Although this was no fault of Stewarts he kindly sent us a replacement cover and two new O-rings with no extra charge. He was super helpful and communicated well. We are very happy with our purchase and the service we received was excellent. The water tastes great, thanks Stewart!

2021-04-19 19:00:00

The WSR3P has 2 design features that make this an 'installers dream'. FIRSTLY it ALL stainless steel frame / hanging brackets make it quick and easy to mount on a wall or posts. Simply position the backing plate in the desired level position, then thru bolt the 2 hanging brackets. Lift the system up and place its frame into the brackets, rather like hanging a picture on a wall. SECONDLY the 2 x SS Unions/Ball Valves make it easy to achieve leak proof water connections. Firstly measure & cut the inlet outlet pipes to length, then unscrew the Union/Ball Valve (from the system). Put this on the deck to properly fix the pipe fitting into the valve(s). Then fit to the inlet/outlet pipes, then simply re-screw to the system. Viola NO LEAKS!

Wayne Cameron
2021-05-19 19:00:00