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Just wanted to say thanks, we have recently purchased a UV water filter for our home from you.We received fantastic service from start to finish.The quality of our drinking water is excellent – no more bottled water for us! Will highly recommend the change to UV and the team at UV Water System .

Sue & Pat
2019-04-27 19:00:00

Guys We had our system installed for our home up North. We live off tank water and were always worried about giving our twin baby girls and ourselves water straight from the tap so we were forever boiling kettles and buying bottled water. Now that we have had the system installed, we know that we can all drink safe, beautifully, clean water, straight from from the tap! We HIGHLY recommend Stewart and his team. Our water is so crystal clear! Thank you so much for providing such an amazing service you guys! Very Best 

2019-04-30 13:14:28

We bought a house with this system already installed (5yrs old) and were a bit nervous about whether it was a good system, how to maintain it and longevity. So we looked them up and rang Stewart and his team for help with maintenance and what we would need to keep it in good working order. They have been absolutely wonderful - patient, informative, so helpful, quick to respond to phone calls! They worked with us to quickly solve problems and send us whatever we needed ASAP so we were not without water for long. I highly recommend this team! So if you are wondering what the service is like after you have purchased this system, you can have confidence that it’s excellent!! Our tank water is delicious too and we know it’s clean, clear and bug free.

Charlie and Judy
2019-05-22 19:00:00

We bought a house (5yrs old) with their 3 filter cartridge UV home filter system already installed. Being on tank water we were concerned about effectiveness, maintenance and longevity. Knowing nothing about how it works we phoned Stewart and his team for help. They have been absolutely wonderful!! Helpful, kind, patient, quick to answer calls and get back to us. Working effectively with us to quickly solve our problems and get us back up and running ASAP. Sending parts when needed and giving great support over the phone. Their service is excellent!! We are totally confident our water is clean, clear, delicious and bug free. We highly recommend this company, their product and service!! Thanks again for everything!

Jude Wilkins
2019-05-24 19:00:00

Great technical detail to support the product decision making. Reflects the quality of the operation as having an impressive depth of knowledge without the need for cliche sales spin !

Grant Cardno
2018-11-23 08:02:56

The team were extremely helpful and provided great advice when we were looking for a filter in our home.

Ailish Collins
2019-01-18 08:03:22