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T (64) 9 827 1409


System Service

CALL 09 827 1409 or email to book in your INTERIM or ANNUAL service.

Auckland metro boundaries that we service:

  • Mangawhai in the north
  • Pokeno in the south

If you are in the Auckland metro region we can perform this annual task for you, removing the risk of that accidental breakage, or leaving air in the cartridges or UV chamber. The last thing anyone needs is to break a quartz sleeve on Saturday, and then having trouble getting water over the weekend.

And its hard to practice for doing something once a year!



A FULL ANNUAL service includes:

    • Take a photo of the system before its service (identifies any site specific issues)
    • Remove the System Cover; take photo; note status of the digital display; check for leaks
    • Switch off power
    • Turn OFF both the inlet and outlet valves
    • Depressurize the System (all gauges = 0); Press the Chamber Bleed Button AND each Filter Red button
    • Undo the Filter Sumps (stand with left hip against the System and pull the spanner towards your midrift)
    • Press the Chamber Bleed Button until all water is drained from the UV chamber
    • Photograph cartridges (for you to see the plugging state and as a reminder of the correct sequence)
    • Clean filter sumps and insert new cartridges and screw onto the filter heads; leave ‘loose’ so that water can dribble out when you prime these
    • Wiggle the White End Cap off and unplug the UV Lamp; carefully remove the Lamp
    • Undo each Chamber End Cap; cut the Silicon Seals to help with removal
    • Remove the Quartz Sleeve (take care to prevent cracking the open end)
    • Open the inlet valve to slowly prime the filters (this soaking time helps remove air from the cartridges); do not refill the UV Chamber; close Inlet valve
    • Clean the Quartz Sleeve (replace if surface is not 'totally clear')
    • Insert sleeve; fit Seals; fit End Caps
    • Open the Inlet Valve to slowly prime the UV Chamber (while the Bleed Button is held down); Shut the Inlet Valve as soon as the gauge pressures start rising
    • Tighten Filter Sumps & release air trapped in the filters and the chamber
    • Continue flowing water until full pressure is reached; press buttons to remove all the trapped air
    • Check for leaks
    • Fit new UV lamp; check that the earth wire is firmly connected to the UV Chamber
    • Switch On power
    • Remove the cover from the Power Supply
    • Reset the Ballast so that the digital display reads 365 (take photo)
    • Refit the cover on the power supply
    • After 2 minutes Open the Outlet Valve
    • Refit the System Cover
    • Clean up debris (take away cartridges and lamp)


An INTERIM service may be required IF you experience a drop in (shower) pressure. Ideally this is timed at 6 months, with only the cartridges being replaced, as the lamp will still have 6 months to run.

Slower flows is a stong indication that one or more of your filter cartridges have prematurely 'plugged'. This plugging is normally caused by excessive organic debris such as pollen and sediments.

The 'service life expectation' is that the cartridges will provide good pressure / flow for the full year, so that only one service visit is required. This expectation is based on Jumbo cartridges and typical residential house water usage, and minimal impact of dust and organic debris.

If you are experiencing premature plugging, then its best to change the cartidges at 6 months, so that you get good pressure / flow for the entire year, rather than being 'caught out' at say 9 months. We say 'caught out' because you suffer slower and slower flows trying to survive say the next 3 months, when the FULL SERVICE is due. Clearly hanging on past 6 months is not ideal, as you compromise either flow, or cartridge life, or lamp life, depending on your decision for the next service date.

When cartridges plug up in a matter of weeks, the inconvenience of constantly changing cartridges can be eliminated by installation of a prefilter. We have many customers that have installed our 'crushed glass' auto backwash prefilter. This type of filter removes teh majority of particles, filtering to an unbelievable 5 micron. This 'pretty clear' water is then ideal for filtering using the UV Systems cartridges, extending life to as long as 12 months.

Get the Top Class Pre Filter System Treatment Services Online New Zealand - Water Systems NZ (

We supply systems, service and parts to all regions of New Zealand

Northland, North Harbour, Auckland, Counties Manukau, Thames Valley, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, King Country, Taranaki, Wanganui, Hawkes Bay, Poverty Bay, East Coast, Manukau, Horowhenui-Kapiti, Wellington, Wairapa Bush, Tasman, Buller, West Coast, Canterbury, Mid- Canterbury, South – Canterbury, North Otago, Otago and Southland.


We supply systems, service and parts to all towns and cities in New Zealand

Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga, Lower Hutt, Dunedin, Palmerston North, Napier, Hibiscus Coast, Porirua, Rotorua, New Plymouth, Whangarei, Nelson, Invercargill, Hastings, Upper Hutt, Whanganui and Gisborne.