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Quartz Sleeves & Seals

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The quartz sleeve of a unit is suspended in the middle of the UV chamber. It is in the shape of a test tube sealed at one end and open at the other. The quartz sleeve is secured from water egress by a wedge seal at either end. This seal is wedged between the stainless steel chamber end threads and the quarts sleeve. The stainless steel end caps are then screwed on to the chamber ends pushing the wedge seals tightly into the gap in the chamber neck.

Into the open end of the quartz sleeve is placed the UV lamp, its connection end is joined to the ballast / controller lamp lead. The lamp remains dry in the middle of the quartz. As the water rushes through the chamber it spirals around the quartz sleeve and is exposed to the intense UV light that is transmitted through the quartz.

Over time the seals that hold the quartz in place harden due to the excessive lamp element heat and should they start to crack then water will leak from the system chamber. It is therefore necessary to replace these seals at the same time as the lamp is replaced 12 to 18 monthly. At the same time as replacing the lamp and seals the quartz sleeve should be carefully removed and cleaned as scale may have built up on the outside. This build up inhibits the light passing through the quartz and makes it less efficient.We provide a detained maintenance and service manual with all our systems to help with these requirements. However if in doubt we are only a call away. All our contact details are on the website under “Contact”.

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