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WSC4M20N - 4 Filter High Flow Mains Water Filtration System NSF 42

WSC4M20N - 4 Filter High Flow Mains Water Filtration System NSF 42

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WSC4M20N - 4 Filter High Flow Mains Water Filtration System NSF 42 is available to buy in increments of 1
NSF 42 Certified for removal of Chlorine from 1,000,000 liters

This NSF 42 Certified filtration system is designed for

  • supply pressures up to commercial ring main pressures of 125 psiG
  • high volume water usage locations
  • removing Chlorine from treated drinking water supplies
  • examples: food & beverage production, large schools, campgrounds, Marae's, Shopping Centres, small housing developments


  • NSF 42: Chlorine Reduction; 1,000,000 litres @ 113 Lpm


  • 4 x 20" Jumbo filter cartridges
  • Cartridges: Melt Blown then 3 x Carbon
  • All filter heads fitted with glycerine filled gauges to indicate 'plugging'
  • Performance: 1st sumps 1 micron meltblown protects the following Carbon cartridges granules from becoming coated with suspended solids (silt / mud). 2nd sumps carbon then removes a significant amount of the chlorine, with 3rd & 4th sumps carbon cartridges removing the 'remainder' of chlorine. Residual Chlorine at 1,000,000 liters still an amazingly low 0.5 mg/L, a reduction from the test loading of 2.0 mg/L. The NSF Pass concentration must be 1.0 mg/L or lower.


Hang on its 3 x SS brackets, connect the inlet /outlet


Major features include:


  • ALL stainless steel Jumbo 20" Filter heads & housings NSF Tested to 300 psiG for structural integrity
  • ALL stainless steel mounting frame
  • Flow Control Valve set to 113 Lpm
  • SS 1.5" Unions & tube fittings to maintain this full flow
  • 1.5" inlet / outlet 
  • 20" Jumbo filter housings
  • All joins sealed with Orings or rubber gaskets (thread tape/sealants not used) no more pesky leaks  ;
  • Pressure gauges on each filter head (Oring sealed for ease of replacement if required)


System Cover Option

  • Available as an option: Weatherproof ACM (alloy composite material) security cover


Shipping & Installation

  • System Shipping Carton: 1.1 x 0.8 x 0.3 (0.2 m3); 30kg
  • Filters Shipping Carton: 0.6 x 0.6 x 0.2 (0.07 m3); 20kg
  • System Dimensions: 1035 wide x 800 high x 235 deep
  • Typical Installation • Wall mounted with at least 100 mm ground clearance to allow for removal of sumps / cartridges
  • Run inlet and outlet pipes horizontally under the system then up to the 1.5" ball valves.



  • Replace filter cartridges annually - this reduces the risk of bacteria build up in the cartridges which could flow through to consumption, if there is no UV protection after this systems filtration

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