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WSUVK200N - High Flow UV Kit; 200 watt NSF 55 Class A

WSUVK200N - High Flow UV Kit; 200 watt NSF 55 Class A

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WSUVK200N - High Flow UV Kit; 200 watt NSF 55 Class A is available to buy in increments of 1
For high flow hot water ring mains

 Download Datasheet here 

The WSUVK200N is NSF 55 Class A certified.

This certified kit is ideal for 'mission critical' locations where the health authorities require a certified UV dosage. This means that the flow rate must be limited to allow the UV lamps to provide a dosage of at least 40 mJ cm2.

Typically this system is used for:

  • control of Legionella that can be lurking in hot water ring mains in Rest Homes
  • treating water prioor to delivery by water tankers

The 40mm inlet / outlet connections ensure that the 113 Lpm flow rate is maintained in all conditions

This UV Chamber is fitted with 2 x 100 watt lamps, each inside its own quartz sleeve, and is powered by 2 x electronic ballasts enclosed in a waterproof IP box.

The Chamber is ready to fix to a beam or wall with its sturdy brackets.

The lamp connection end of the chamber needs to be weather protected (to keep water of the lamp pin connections)

Sensor Alarm:

The UV Sensor in the UV Chamber may detect 'low light' (below 75% UV intensity) which will activate the 'alarm' in the WSI-PS-EC365S controller (A2)

Possible causes include:

  • deposits (film coating) on the Sensor Lense (in the Chamber)
  • Cloudy water 
  • Weak UV Lamp

Service Requirements:

  • Service when the Ballast digital display is A3 (after 365 days use)
  • Clean Quartz Sleeves (2 x WSI-1035-T5Q)
  • Replace back up nylon rings if damaged (2 sets WSI-T5B)
  • Refit Sleeve with new silicon seals (2 sets WSI-T5S)
  • Refit End Caps - lubricate threads
  • Fit new UV Lamps (2 x WSI-100-1000-T5L)
  • Check for leaks
  • Attach Lamp Lead and switch on
  • If Ballast is faulty replace with WSI-PS-EC365 or WSI-PS-EC365S

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