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UV & Filtration Systems

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Choosing the right product for you

Onsite Service

  1. we remove the risk of accidental breakage. The last thing anyone needs is to break a quartz sleeve on Saturday, and then having trouble getting water over the weekend.
  2. we do this 'right'. Its hard to practice for doing something that is only needed once a year!
  3. we have the parts on hand if something is broken

If you are in the Auckland region we can perform this annual task for you.

Water Filtration & UV

  1. NSF Certified Systems for locations 'required' by Government such as Schools
  2. UV Filtration Systems for whole of house 'untreated' water supplies such as rural rain water houses
  3. UV Filtration Systems for high flow locations such as Commercial premises
  4. Filtration Systems (without UV) for whole of house 'treated' water supplies
  5. UV Kits (without filtration) for pools, hot water return circuits etc
  6. Prefilters / Softeners for 'untreated' water supplies
  7. UV Filtration Systems for Septic E.coli reduction prior to discharge onto disposal fields

Our complete Systems (Filtration + UV) are 'plug & play' = minimal onsite installation requirements.

 Spare Parts

  1. Filter Cartridges - these include cartridges that we have had performance tested by NSF
  2. UV Lamps - we stock both standard 'flat pin' lamps & 'stepped pin' lamps
  3. Service Kits - we can ship you the right cartridges + lamp + seals so you can do your own 'FULL SERVICE'