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Dear fellow water consumer

If you have found this website you are no doubt looking for a tank, bore, stream or town mains water filtration or UV filtration system. You also probably are not sure what you require and in some cases don’t understand how these systems work. There are a variety of systems available to you, although few that are New Zealand designed and assembled. These systems when they work well give you clean, safe drinking water however if you get the wrong system for your needs or a system that is made up of cheap components then you are in for endless problems and inevitably cost. There is some science behind these systems and doing the home handy man build bit more often than not will give you endless problems or just will not work at all. It is important for us to understand your requirement and water problem to deliver the correct system for your needs. Considerations such as water source, known water problems, environmental factors such as overhanging trees (which generally leads to increased birds and contaminates like pollen), leaching, gutters, roof and tank materials and age, required water volume, number of people in the house, bathrooms etc. If you spend a little extra time at the beginning it will save you time and money long term.

When looking for a water filtration system there are a number of things to consider and understand:

  1. There are few systems on the market that come complete for an easy install. Our units can be installed on a wall or posts. Connection of the inlet and outlet is made to your water inlet pipe. The power is connected to a power point with a surge protector (preferably not the pump power) the cover placed on the system and away you go.
  2. Generally the filters on these systems last 9 to 12 months (based on the water quality that could be less) and the UV around 18 months. The total annual maintenance cost is around $150, really not bad when you consider the amount of water processed.
  3. We do occasionally get clients ring us up after 3 months asking why their systems are blocking (when we said the filters would last up to 12 months). Generally this occurs when there are additional contamination factors introduced into the filtering process, for example pollen or after heavy rain, stirred up tank sediment. There are a number of relatively straight forward inexpensive solutions for these problems which our Engineer can help you with.
  4. Check whether the system will fit your needs, process the volume of water required for the desired application. Think about location, access for servicing, power and water pipe inlet position. Although not essential the unit should be on a wall or on posts out of direct sun light. A pump shed is fine although the optimum position is at the last point of entry to the house. This means the unit is catching any contamination from pipes before the water is consumed.
  5. Making a decision on the size of the system and number of filters before the UV chamber. The rule here is usually if you perceive you have a water problem, taste, smell or discolouration, have outside influences like overhanging trees, old roof, tank or gutters etc then the 3 filter system would be preferable. If it’s a precautionary installation and you have had no water problems then the 2 filter system is fine. Obviously this is a simplistic explanation and we are happy to talk through your requirements in detail to ensure the correct system for your needs.