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Which UV Filtration System should i get?

This is a concise summary of the situations that each UV Water System has been designed for:

80 watt 3 Filter System (B3)
•    city water - two carbons to maximize removal of up to 80% of the chlorine; 50% of the fluoride; has sediment traces from old pipes (1st filter needs to be 1 Micron); note that the UV lamp is not needed due to heavy chlorination; note increasing use of roof water to supplement city water, in which case lamp is needed (bird poo on roof with Giardia)
•    ground water - one carbon to assist with removal of chemicals, 1 micron to protect the carbon; 5M pleated paper to take out sediments; typically where water tables contain farming sprays or pesticides; high output UV to sterilize bacteria (such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium) for high peak consumption flow rates up to 100 lpm (large house, multiple bathrooms) (garden hose on its own can flow up to 40 lpm).
•    tank water that has odour (the carbon plus the 1M) and sediments (the 5M pleated paper or coarser if significant debris in the water); UV lamp required.
•    food manufacturing or public fountains/schools - where there is a degree of risk/liability for the water we can fit an automatic shut off valve that will shut if the lamp fails.

40 watt 2 Filter System (B2)
•    city water - as above but water is very clean due to new pipes (might get away with using two 'unprotected' carbons) •    ground water -  as above but water is very clean such as spring water (could use a Carbon/1M combination; might get away with using two 'unprotected' carbons); smaller houses that have peak flow rates of less than 50 lpm •    tank water - odour free and very clean water due to proper pre-filtration of water into a clean tank (could use a Carbon/1M combination; might get away with using two 'unprotected' carbons); smaller houses that have peak flow rates of less than 50 lpm

80 watt 1 Filter System (BS)
•    onsite treated septic tank discharge water - a coarse 20 or 50 or 200 micron pleated paper filter with high output 95 watt lamp to sterilise at flow rate up to 100 lpm, so that water can be safely discharged into streams, or used on the vegetable garden.

 40 watt 1 Filter System (B1)
•    entry level product -  where your budget is very tight; where you are confident your water is very clean, chemical free, odour free but you wish to be protected from the living nasties.

The Chlorine Story and City Water Standards

Auckland has an A++ standard which is heavily chlorinated, whereas for example Melbourne has a B+ standard with considerably lower chlorine. This is unlikely to change, particularly if the take off from the Waikato river increases.
Clarity or sediment levels will depend where you are. North Shore pipes are new, whereas City side are old and rusty.
A single carbon filter will only remove about 50% of the chlorine, whereas two carbons will raise this to about 80%. Sediments in the water will slick up the carbons if not protected by a 1M. In this situation we advise a 3 filter system (1M, Carbon).

We hope this helps you decide which system will be best for your situation.

Are the filters easy to change?

Provided you have sufficiently lubricated the sump threads and the sump orings, to change a set of filters is less the 5 minutes.

If not lubricated the sumps can be difficult to remove. This can happen when the pump is an older style that creates a pressure thump when it kicks in. This gradually tightens the sumps.

Can I install this myself?

Yes, it comes with a full instruction manual, however we do advise that you have it checked and signed off by a registered master plumber.

Can these systems be installed outside?

Yes we have a range of systems for many types of applications. In fact plumbers tell us that we have the only truly 'outside compatible' system.

This is because not only do we have an all weather impervious alloy cover, we also fully encase the power supply within its own waterproof box. Not only does this box prevent all sorts of moisture entering, we also use ballasts that are filled with Gel, to completely isolate the circuitry.

The added protection provided by a surge protector and an RCBO not only helps prevent electrical damage, but also aids in fault finding.

Does it need 240 Volts?

Yes, it has a UV lamp to kill the bacteria, which requires input voltage of between 110 to 240 volts, which is stepped up by the ballast to over 400 volts.

How long do the filters last?

Depends on the quality of the water going in, normally 6 to 9 months, but can remain 'unplugged' for longer.

Longer is not necessarily better, as the cartridges can become their own source of bacteria.

If you get into the habit of changing the cartridges every 6 months, then at 12 months when you change the lamp, you are also on schedule to change the cartridges.

How long does the Lamp Last?

lamps are rated for 12 to 18 months depending on the ballast specifications

digital countdown ballasts show the remaining number of days of lamp life.

newer ballasts count down from 365 (ie a 1 year lamp life)

while a lamp may continue glowing well past that allowed for by the ballast, it will have decreased effectiveness as it gets older. Don't get fooled that because its glowing, you are safe.

every time you replace the lamp, always remove the quartz sleeve and clean it, and replace with new seals

How long does the whole UV system last?

Depending on where it is situated, it should give you at least 20 years service.

Note there are 3 groups of components:

consumables - seals lamp cartridges (6 to 12 months)

replaceables - quartz sleeve, filter orings, power supply, jumbo filters (3 to 10 years)

durables - backing board, cover, chamber, brackets, pipe fittings (20 years)

How long will it take to install?

Anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours, again depending on where the pump and power is.

Installation is as simple as 1,2,3

1 Mount it

2 Pipe it

3 Plug in

How much does it cost to install a filtration system

Depending on where the systems is to be installed and the type of connection piping used, it can be from as little as $250+GST

How much power does it use?

Less than a heated towel rail - 40 to 80 watts

Where is the best place to install the system?

Externally near the pump which already will have its power feed handy.

South facing - at least not in the direct northly sun.

Mounting on two 3x4 posts by the water tanks - fit two horizontal rails to the posts.

Or under the house or in a garage (take note of the impact of water spillage during servicing).

If the system is eye level, its easier to service - the jumbo filters are heavy when full of water.

Feedback from Customers

What an amazing piece of equipment, its quite beautiful to look at, and what a huge difference it has made to our water.

Should have installed a system years ago.

I got tired of saying “Don’t drink the water from the taps” to our kids and visitors because we had no filtration at all. We had water in the fridge that was pre-boiled for drinking, this was a real hassle and time consuming to keep topped up. Now the whole house is safe.

We love our water guard system. We got very sick from using water to brush our teeth in the bathroom and not using the silly little bench top filter in the kitchen. Our system has been working well for 2 years now and we feel very safe.


Feedback from Plumbers

I installed the UV system for a customer and he was delighted, raved about it actually. I’ve never had this before in my 32 years of plumbing!

It would be the best system on the market – It’s brilliant!

Man it’s very quick and easy to install and its WATER PROOF, how good is that.

I had just finished installing the system in my customer’s garage when he came home. He got out of his car and said WOW! – That makes me feel good to get that type of feedback.

I installed the system on two 4x3 posts by the water tanks, in and out in 1 ½ hours, job done. UV Water Systems statement is 100% right – Take out of the box, screw to the wall and plug in.

I was sick of buying bits of this and that to make up, the UV Water System is all done, tested and is Water Proof