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WSR4M10 - 4 Filter Mains Water Filtration System (with cover)

WSR4M10 - 4 Filter Mains Water Filtration System (with cover)

NZ$1,805.50 NZ$1,570.00
WSR4M10 - 4 Filter Mains Water Filtration System (with cover) is available to buy in increments of 1
Removal of chlorine from all your taps & shower; superior to under bench & fridge filters

Download our WSM4 datasheet here

The M4 is for the filtration of Mains/City Water to remove Chemicals

UV: Not required if the ‘City Water’ has already been disinfected / sterilized.

Filtration: Four 10" Jumbo Filters that are flow tested to exceed 80 Lpm.

Cartridges: 1M poly / 5M carbon/ 5M carbon/ 1M poly.
Performance: Poly 1 micron protects the Carbon granules from being coated with suspended solids (silt / mud). 1st carbon removes most of the chlorine. 2nd carbon removes remainder of chlorine. Poly 1 micron to remove any ‘carbon granule flushing dust’.
Coconut Carbon has superior capacity for chlorine removal and reduced channelling.

Piping: SS pipe fittings; 1.0" BSP valving & connections (F);

Mounting: 15mm PVC sheet;

Supplied with: Weatherproof ACM (alloy composite material) security cover;

Filter Option: 20” Jumbo filters; to reduce pressure drop and keep ‘plugging interval’ to less than 12 months.

Shipping Carton: 1.1 x 0.6 x 0.3 (0.2 m3); 25kg
Dimensions: 1035 x 535 x 235

Typical Usage • ‘Whole of House’ supply for city properties supplied with chlorinated ‘City Water’.

Installation Guide:

Mount in the garage or externally on the southern side of the house. Screw holes predrilled in the PVC backing board.
Run inlet and outlet pipes horizontally under the system, then up to the 1" ball valves

Maintenance Guide:

Replace filter cartridges annually (to prevent possible build up of bacteria in the cartridges as there is no UV)

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