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WSI-PPC-45-1005 Jumbo 10" Melt Blown Cartridge 5m

WSI-PPC-45-1005 Jumbo 10" Melt Blown Cartridge 5m

NZ$31.05 NZ$27.00
WSI-PPC-45-1005 Jumbo 10" Melt Blown Cartridge 5m is available to buy in increments of 1

For removal of coarser particles (not organic debris)

This depth cartridge is designed for removal of particles, rather than organic debris.

A good selection as the first cartridge in a Whole of House City/Mains filtration system, where there is ongoing rust from the older iron pipe reticulation.

The next cartridge should be a 1 micron.

This cartridge should last 12 months when used in City Water Chlorine removal systems. If plugged earlier than this, you should complain to your water supply company.

Being a 'depth cartridge' this is not cleanable. Plugging is evidenced visually - it darkens progressively from the inside outwards.

When fittings always relubricate the sump Oring and threads, to enable sealing from hand tightening the sump. This avoids flattening of the Oring due to 'overtight'.

Always purge before finishing your systems cartridge change, to avoid unnecessary air spurting through your household taps.

Sumps tighten from the effect of water pump pulsation.

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