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WSI-PTC45-1020 Jumbo 10" Pleated Cartridge 20m

WSI-PTC45-1020 Jumbo 10" Pleated Cartridge 20m

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WSI-PTC45-1020 Jumbo 10" Pleated Cartridge 20m is available to buy in increments of 1
A course cartridge fitted in debris filter sets

A courser cartridge for higher levels of debri removal. Used in a filter cartridge sequence for progressive filtration of debris laden water sources. 

Can be washed.

For UV systems, typically fitted prior to or instead of the premature plugging 5 micron cartridge, as a temporary measure, if levels of debri are higher than expected. If this continues, we suggest investigating prefiltration (of the water entering a tank, or coming out of the bore/river).

When fittings always relubricate the sump Oring and threads, to enable sealing from hand tightening the sump. This avoids flattening of the Oring due to 'overtight'.

Always purge before finishing your systems cartridge change, to avoid unnecessary air spurting through your household taps.

Sumps tighten from the effect of water pump pulsation.

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