UV Water Systems Annual water filter service costs.

We are often asked what the on going costs are for running and servicing UV water filtration systems. This very much depends on the quality of water that is entering your system. So if for example you are using Stream, Lake, Spring, bore or well water there is generally a higher level of sands and sediment in the water. There can also be a high level of other contaminants like manganese and iron. These components will block filters more quickly and require replacement or cleaning on a more regular basis. On the other hand rain water off the roof assuming your gutters are kept clean and there are no over hanging trees have generally less sands and sediment and the filters will stay cleaner for longer.


As an indication ground water supplies as stated above would necessitate filter changes every 3 to 9 months and rain water off the roof would require changes every 6-12 months. Quality filter elements are not expensive and range from $27 to $34 plus freight and Gst. So a set of filters for a 3 filter system will cost around $100 plus freight and tax. This is based on 10 inch jumbo filters which are the standard filters size in most whole of house systems. Some larger properties have 20 inch filters with the 20 inch jumbo filter elements being roughly double the cost. These larger elements will however because they have double the surface area last twice as long.