UV Water Systems NSF Certification Program

Many of you will be aware that UV Water Systems Limited has been working for a number of years now on gaining NSF certification for its UV filtration and sterilisation systems. We are delighted to advise that we now have had a number of our residential and commercial systems and chambers that have received NSF Test PASSES for NSF 55 class A & Class B and NSF 42 Chlorine. In due course these products will be issued with their respective CERTIFICATES.


Our NSF Certification Program is ongoing with further tests being conducted under NSF 53 and NSF 42 and NSF 401.


We have been advised by NSF international that we are the first company in the world to receive multiple certifications on Point of Entry ‘completely finished’ UV & Filtration Systems. This is a massive thing for a small New Zealand company. What this means to our clients is that you should have confidence that you are dealing with an ethical company that has spent years and a great deal of money to have its systems and claims independently verified. This verification carried out by the world’s foremost certification organisation. NSF is recognised by almost all the world Government and Health departments. To obtain one certification is hard enough but to gain multiple per system has never been done until now. The preparation and design has taken years and the testing has taken 8 months to date. We will keep our valued clients and installers up to date with progress.


Currently we envisage that these systems will be available toward the latter part of this year.