Holme Station Timaru

Hi Stewart 

 As discussed on our call this morning, I now require a service kit (SKB3) for my B3 stainless steel system.

 I bought a B3 system from you in October 2016 for my property (Holme Station Homestead), located in the Hunter Hills, 15kms south-west of Timaru (see attached photos). 

 I am fortunate to be on the Downlands supply from Timaru District Council (TDC), which gives me rights to uplift up to 2,000 litres/day.  The Downlands system was established in 1947 and supplies 78,000 hectares around Timaru environs, Waimate and MacKenzie regions.  We have 45,000 litres standing supply on the property, and we pump from tanks to house through the filter system.

 With all of the dairy conversions in the area, the river and bore water supplies feeding the Downlands system have been stressed considerably.  Just this last week, TDC declared they had only 4 days supply in reservoir, despite 6 weeks of heavy continuous rain.  The amount of sediment bought into the municipal reservoirs has overwhelmed their own filtration capacity.

 We have learned that any contamination of the Downlands system is not notified to the downstream customers for 7-10 days as the TDC attempts to confirm the problem, locate the problem, determine remedial action and repair the problem.  For this reason, our 45,000 litres standing supply is at risk of contamination.  

 Just this week, we found our Downlands supply had been cut off for several days, as the primary feed pipe into the area had been severed by the heavy river flows at a river crossing.

 The B3 has provided exceptional service over the last 2 years since installation, without any faults or concerns.  We did find our in-house water pressure jumped up after installation, and so we retrospectively fitted a pressure reduction valve to bring pressure down to 65 psi.  Shower pressures in our 6 showers is exceptional.  We have also fitted an isolation valve immediately before the filter system, as we had found a leak inside (filling a toilet cistern) could trigger the automatic pump supplying the house, which had the contingent risk of pushing all 45,000 litres storage into the house during periods of no occupancy..  

 We now have a completely secure water supply system for the house.  Our guests regularly remark on the exceptional taste of our drinking quality of the water at tap, and many have asked about our system.

 I look forward to seeing you around 10:30am this morning


Gareth Morgan