Do you want to take out Chlorine from your town water supply?

This can be done by inserting the correct filters into your UV Water Systems Ltd system, which will remove virtually all the chlorine.

Also by having a UV on the UV Water Systems Ltd system as a back up, in times of emergencies (like Havelock North & Christchurch), if there is a problem with the water supply, just turn the UV on and you can carry on life as before with a bacteria free water supply to your home.

Grit – small amounts of grit can destroy expensive ceramic valves in your taps, again a good reason to have a filtration system on your home.

Chlorinated water: chlorine is designed to kill many forms of bacteria and doesn’t discriminate between good or bad. Chlorinated water will kill good bacteria in soil, so if you are wondering why your special flowers or vegetables are not as good as they should be, this could be the reason.

Slow growth, sick looking plants, uneven growth, etc. even if the ideal (textbook) conditions for plant growth have been met.

For years I've noticed people dechlorinating tap water for their plants.

My question is,  why are we drinking chlorinated water if it's so bad for the plants?

Plants have more sensitive systems than we do, plants are just more obvious about their ailments than we tend to be.

Chlorine provides no benefit to our bodies, and people are becoming savvy to its dangers.

What first got me dechlorinating my water was growing sprouts. I was experiencing what I considered to be a low rate of germination; a lot of unsprouted alfalfa seeds remained at the bottom of the jars. Considering that my seeds were fresh and organic, I had to consider that the problem was in the water. Switching to dechlorinated water made the difference. While there will always be a few unsprouted seeds, most of them should grow when treated properly because that's what seeds do best