Everyone wants drinking water that not only looks clean but tastes and smells as it should. In your well water, there may be numerous contaminants that cause the water to taste bad and be undrinkable. Clean pure water free of all pollutants is not only needed for drinking but also for a bathing, showering and cooking. A whole House Water Filter addresses the water issues and gives homeowners safe, clean and pure well water.


Do you want to ensure the water you use is free from harmful elements and bacteria? You should get a sophisticated advanced UV filtration system that is capable of making your water completely potable and usable for all household uses.


So in this blog we will give you some useful information regarding the types of pollutants your well water may contain, how a filter does work to remove harmful things from your water and make it completely potable. And all these help you choose a filter perfect for your well water.


Why You Need To Filter Your Water-


Water that comes straight from a well is not safe for consumption. Leaching from the soil over and around the well that dissolves into the water can produce disease-causing microorganisms in groundwaters. This coupled with the undesirable compounds usually found in ground waters all add to the problems associated with Well, Stream, bore and lake waters.


In fact, several studies have shown the well water may be contaminated if:


• Well casings or caps are improperly installed


• Well casings break


• Contaminated surface water enters the well


Know What Is In Your Water-


The age, design, installation, and condition of your well are what determine contaminants seeping into your water supply. So it is crucial to test your well water from time to time to learn about what kinds of contaminants the water in your well contains. Experts suggest testing the water two to three times every year.


Choosing the right water filters for your home help you remove and resolve the following water issues that may be present in your well water:














How Does A Filter Make Your Water Potable?


A water filter can be installed with your water treatment system for well water. The water filter system may have a Sub-Micron Post Filter and a UV filter. They are option components used to remove impurities from the water. A filter makes your water potable by removing the followings from your water:






• Inorganic compounds


Organic compounds


Sickness and disease


There are many suppliers that provide water filters for homes in New Zealand but we manufacture here in Auckland with only the highest quality stainless steel components and unions. Our systems are the best with the longest warranties. If you are able come in and see us and compare our quality and service first hand. If coming to see us is not convenient then feel free to give us a call and clarify any questions you have about your property and the application of any of our systems.