Home water filters are experiencing popularity like never before due to our polluted water systems. It's important to know that not all home water filters are the same. By the time you finish reading this article, you will know how to select a great home water filter for a fantastic price. We will also answer a question that many people ask "How Do under bench Water Filters Work"?


How Do Water Filters Work?

To reduce contaminants from water, filters can use many different elements. Charcoal is a very common element used in the filtration process. So we'll use it in this example. Water passes over the charcoal which is in a sandy form. As the water flows over the charcoal the charcoal catches large water contaminants to stop them from passing through the water. It's almost like stream water passing over rocks and coming out more pure when emerging on the other side. That's how a basic filter works.While charcoal does a credible job, it's not perfect, and other measures need to be used. Some filters employ a system that attracts contaminants using a process of positive and negative charges (not unlike the way a magnet works) that causes the contaminants bond to break away from the water. Some home water filters use a combination of both. I hope this answers the basic question of how do water filters work.


What Are The Best Types Of Home Water Filters To Purchase?

Home water filters come at all shapes, sizes, and prices. We'll discuss those issues a little later. It's very important that any filter you are thinking of buying uses a combination of carbon filtration, ion exchange, and sub-micron filtration. This is the latest and absolute best type of filtration system you can buy. Before you purchase any filter ask if the filter employs the method mentioned here. If it doesn't, you may want to continue your search.


What Kind Of Filters Are Best For Home Use?

After having made sure you found the right technology (as mentioned above) you're ready for the next step. Homes water filters start at its basic level of a countertop water filter that sits on your kitchen countertop and attaches directly to your kitchen faucet.You also can purchase a filter that is known as an under sink model. This performs the same functions as the first model mentioned. The difference is that it is installed under your sink. People go this route to save space on their countertops.If you are worried about showering, bathing, washing your clothes in the contaminated water you may want to consider a whole house water filter system. This system attaches to the source of your water supply and filters all the water coming into your home from the kitchen sink to your shower and bath water and your washer. It eliminates the need for the units mentioned above.


In conclusion, no matter which of the home water filters you decide on, make sure they employ the technology mentioned above. This way you'll know you're absolutely safe. Many times you can overpay for a filter if you are not careful. It's worth a little extra effort to purchase directly from a reputable manufacturer.