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10" Jumbo Rain Water Carbon Cartridge 5m

10" Jumbo Rain Water Carbon Cartridge 5m

NZ$39.10 NZ$34.00
10" Jumbo Rain Water Carbon Cartridge 5m is available to buy in increments of 1
For use with untreated rain water

This Coconut Carbon Block Cartridge has nominal 5 micron contaminant filtration, but its main benefit is to remove odors and improve taste. Also is effective for removing spray residues that might fall on your roof.

Carbon made from Coconut has superior qualities to standard carbon cartridges. Less channelling which means less by-pass. Greater holding capacity which means chlorine & other chemicals can be extracted from a greater volume of water, which means longer life.

Note that the 'activated carbon' process works when the carbon particles touch the water. Fine silt/mud will coat the carbon and render the cartridge largely ineffective.

When fittings always relubricate the sump Oring and threads, to enable sealing from hand tightening the sump. This avoids flattening of the Oring due to 'overtight'.

Always purge before finishing your systems cartridge change, to avoid unnecessary air spurting through your household taps.

Sumps tighten from the effect of water pump pulsation.

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